Tags: How to Knowledge April 23, 2018

How to use Instagram Stories Effectively

Instagram stories came out in August last year and were widely seen as a direct copy of Snapchat. While this might have been a less than subtle way to steal Snapchat’s market share, Instagram managed to turn this feature...

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5 Ways to Get More Instagram Likes

With Instagram now claiming to have a billion regular users, it’s clear that people are scrolling, watching, reading, and liking on Instagram even more. The need to get Instagram likes is at the forefront of every Instagram account owner’s...

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Why you should buy more likes on Instagram

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Why You Should Buy More Likes on Instagram

The need for ‘the most’ likes on Instagram has taken on a psychological edge in the modern era. It’s how a good chunk of the population measure their own self-worth, it’s an addictive cycle we get ourselves trapped into....

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