5 Creative Ways to Get More Instagram Likes

December 10, 2018

With Instagram now claiming to have a billion regular users, it’s clear that people are scrolling, watching, reading, and liking nonstop.

If you’re running a business, you have to be on Instagram to succeed. However, if you’re not working on a plan to boost likes, you’re not going to get the kind of engagement that turns a real profit in the end.

Here are five ways to ensure you boost likes and get more people tagging and re-posting you.


1. Get Influencer Endorsements

One of the best ways to get your audience to stop their scrolling as they pass you on Instagram is to get some endorsements from influencers. If you run a company that appears at a lot of events or conventions, take every opportunity you can to get photos. If that’s not possible, work with what you have locally when it comes to local talent.

If you’re a public figure about town, you need to have your camera ready at all times. If you’re walking down the street and run into an influencer coming out of an ice cream shop, stop and take a photo. Even if you sell diet pills for people with lactose intolerance, find a way to spin that photo with a post.

When people see you standing with a famous or influential person, they stop to say “wait a minute, how do they know that person?” While they’re paused, they get a chance to see you standing there smiling or your products in the background. These types of posts are so fun that they get an automatic set of likes.

If you can’t get big endorsements, look to local celebrities. Weather reporters, local characters, and business owners who endorse your product have a smaller impact, but an impact nonetheless.


2. Get a Helping Paw

The saying goes, “the internet is like Ancient Egypt in that people write on walls and worship cats”. While it’s a tongue in cheek statement, it’s kind of true. People love to see animals on Instagram!

If you’re an animal owner and an animal lover, post photos of your pet related to your business or services. If you want to make your pet the unofficial mascot of your company, people will start associating pet photos with you. When they think of your company, they’ll have positive associations.

While it might seem unfair to make your pet do all this unpaid labor, the celebrity pays off for them too. They’ll get all kinds of extra love as they walk down the street.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain when you connect your brand with animals and pets. When your company has a connection to the animal world, people get attached and think about your company with the same kind of fondness.

Exploit our love of animals and make your company an animal-friendly one. It sure worked for Tito’s Vodka!


3. Tell a Story

People love to hear a story, but they don’t always love to read.

That’s why Instagram stories are great. They encourage people to keep things short and sweet so that your audience can move on to the next thing quickly.

When you take the time to tell a story about your products and services, people see your company in a whole new light. They place every new release and every product in the context of an interesting concept. Instead of selling to your audience, you’re now catching them up with the latest installment of your narrative.

Telling a story about where your products are sourced from, how your staff is trained, and what people like to do with your services helps build your story.

When you tell an ongoing narrative about your company, you get the chance to engage with your customers in an emotional way. Since emotion is a vital element to a successful promotion, you’re already halfway there.


4. Run a Contest

Even when the stakes are low, people love the chance to win something for free. People who don’t even use your products and services may show up at your doorstep when you run a promotion for your company.

Running a contest is easy and fun and increases engagement to boost your likes.

Come up with a clever contest that entails your customers and clients to take photos of them using or engaging with your products. When they do this, offer them a prize or a response to that.

Whether it’s who comes up with the most interesting solution to a problem or who gets the most likes, it’s easy to get people to engage when you give them a goal.


5. Repost Your Followers

Everyone loves the positive recognition of their peers, even if they don’t know their peers. Getting reposted or a bunch of likes from people you don’t know makes you feel important. Let your customers feel that way by reposting them when they mention your brand.

This incentivizes engagement with your products and services. It also works as advertising for your products. It’s actually one of the keys to success on Instagram for companies like GoPro and Kodak.

Instead of running expensive photo shoots, hiring models, and renting out studio space, having people take their own photos takes the weight off your back. You get to have the same kind of impact that a promotional campaign has without having to do all of the legwork.

When you repost your followers, it gets other people excited and looking for attention from you. You’ll never feel so popular as when you repost your followers.


Boost Likes With a Plan For Engagement

If you’re not working on a plan to engage with your audience, you’re going to struggle to boost likes for your company.

Without the right kind of engagement, your plans are going to fall flat. Create an honest and sincere persona if you want to get more likes on Instagram.

For more of the secrets of how to succeed with Instagram, check out our latest guide.

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