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Automatic Instagram Likes

Easily get more Instagram likes. Select the amount of automatic Instagram likes you would like to receive per upload, then input your Instagram username, and purchase!

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Automatic Instagram Views

Receive more video views on Instagram. It's easy, just select the amount you want, then input your Instagram username and we will do the rest.

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100 Views 7.00 USD | Weekly
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How it Works

LikeSocial is the service that provides reliable Instagram followers and real Instagram likes.

New uploads are usually detected within seconds of upload.

Uploaded an Instagram video? We can send you the same amount of views as Instagram likes.

Not every Instagram post will get the same amount of likes. We occasionally send 5-10% more likes to make sure your posts maintain a natural look.

Instagram Likes coming in too fast? LikeSocial lets you adjust numbers.

LikeSocial has a dedicated team to deliver a consistent service.

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